Varsity Jacket Patches

Varsity Letterman jacket patches signify academic, athletic, and extracurricular accomplishments, and are traditionally worn on the sleeves of varsity jackets and letterman sweaters.  As one of the largest and oldest letterman jacket patch companies online,Varsity Jackets Online Store has provided millions of dollars worth of custom chenille patches to schools, teams, individual students, clubs, organizations, and businesses. 

What makes our letterman jacket patches so special?

✓ We are one of the last remaining letterman jacket companies.

✓ We require no minimums.If you want to order a single letterman jacket patch, we'll treat you 

with the same respect and consideration we do our huge institutional clients.

✓ We offer significant quantity discounts that are often lower than many wholesalers!

✓ We use higher quality raw materials in the manufacturing process so our chenille patches are 

designed to last much longer than the cheap knock-offs you often see from other letterman jacket 


If you need assistance, don't hestitate to contact us.